Now On Line: Railway Age June 2023 Digital Edition

Written by Marybeth Luczak, Executive Editor
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Railway Age’s June 2023 issue is now available digitally, featuring the annual Guide to Equipment Leasing.

“We are now entering almost three full years of sequential increases in lease rates,” Railway Age Financial Editor David Nahass writes in the 2023 Guide to Equipment Leasing. What makes this current cycle different? Will end users find ways to use cars for longer to avoid paying new car prices and higher lease rates? Will they look to control costs by entering into more direct purchases? For railcar OEMs, where is the flex point between price, demand and satisfying one’s investors? Nahass addresses these questions and more, plus provides a market overview by railcar type.

Inside the June issue you’ll also find articles on:

  • Maintenance-of-Way: What’s new, what’s next in track geometry and rail flaw detection systems? Railway Age provides a supplier roundup and market outlook.
  • Motive Power: Is the new locomotive build market nonexistent for now? In the diesel-electric era, it’s unprecedented, writes Don Graab of Traingle Brothers & Associates LLC.
  • Rail and Wheel Fatigue Crack Defects: In the latest edition of “Timeout for Tech with Gary T. Fry, Ph.D., P.E.,” Fry discusses how inspecting both rails and wheels for internal fatigue crack defects is imperative to enhancing and ensuring the future safety of railway operations.
  • Railway Cybersecurity Regulations & Standards: This “TTC Operated by ENSCO” feature explores cybersecurity, how it relates to the railroad industry, and the roles of relevant regulatory agencies.  

Additionally, American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association President Chuck Baker addresses “industry hits”—good or bad, he writes, the determination is ours.

These highlights and more can be accessed in Railway Age’s June 2023 issue: