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NMRR expands its LDVR platform

Written by Carolina Worrell, Senior Editor
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Railhead Corporation has announced that New Mexico Railrunner will be enhancing its current Locomotive Digital Video Recorder (LDVR) systems. NMRR is expanding its current LDVR platform from 4 to 8 channels and adding Railhead’s proprietary twin view camera. The 8 channel LDVR will enable NMRR to add cameras as needed to coincide with the upcoming inward facing camera mandate while the twin view camera will provide two field of views (narrow and wide) to assist in incident investigations. NMRR found the twin camera (TC-690) more accurately replicates the engineer’s point of view (POV), than a single fixed lens camera. The narrow provides a more focal POV, great for signal capturing, while the wide view is great for capturing last second crossing incidents or track side views.

These enhancements provide NMRR with the latest in video technology while delivering access to crucial information, enabling management to respond to situations and incidents quickly, while maintaining the highest level of safety and service for their customers.

Railhead’s systems are designed and manufactured specifically for the heavy rail environment, the powerful combinations of LDVRs, cameras and management software will enable NMRR to reduce maintenance and operating costs, improve efficiency, mitigate risk and liability while ensuring video will be available in the event of an incident.


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