RailPlan lands Metrolink PTC-related contract

Written by Douglas John Bowen
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RailPlan International said Monday, March 16, 2015 it has landed a technical services contract with the Southern California Regional Rail Authority, which oversees Metrolink regional rail service, in developing Positive Train Control (PTC) to provide modifications to the PTC powering system in Metrolink's fleet of Hyundai Rotem cab cars.

“Working with Metrolink and other long-distance and commuter railroads on innovative PTC systems is another way for RailPlan’s diverse and experienced teams to contribute to the overall safety of our nation’s rail system,” said RailPlan President Terry B. Soesbee in a statement.

In order to ensure consistent behavior of the PTC powering system, RailPlan will provide modifications to 57 of the 59 Hyundai Rotem Cab Cars in Metrolink’s fleet. Those modifications aim to prevent incomplete software uploads by providing sufficient battery life. Two Metrolink cars already have the modification being used in SCRRA PTC testing, RailPlan noted.

Because complex onboard software systems are a main component of the PTC system, providing an optimal power source for sufficient download time is vital, RailPlan asserted. With the challenges of managing differing powering systems from divergent fleets, maintaining consistent communications between equipment and Back Office Servers (BOS) must be optimum. <br.

RailPlan said its wiring modification to the SCRRA Rotem Cab Cars will bring Metrolink’s battery wiring systems into compliance with applicable laws, regulations, standards and recommended practices of the USDOT, FRA, FTA, SCAQMD, APTA, AAR, and the State of California.

The cab cars are part of a Metrolink order for 137 passenger cars, costing $263.3 million, which Hyundai Rotem finished delivering to the railroad in June 2013.

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