CSX taps Trainyard Tech for Selkirk Yard upgrades

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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CSX Transportation has contracted with Trainyard Tech, LLC for a CLASSMASTER™ hump yard process control system and ROUTEMASTER™ receiving yard NX system at Selkirk Yard (former New York Central/Penn Central/Conrail), near Albany, N.Y. “This will bring Selkirk Yard up to 2018 standards and beyond for increased throughput, safety and user-friendly control and reporting,” Trainyard Tech said.

Selkirk Yard is the newest installed base for Trainyard Tech. One feature is OSX™ Technology, which detects switch and track occupancy using wheel detectors, eliminating with the need for presence detectors. “OSX™ Technology provides much valuable yard information, including speed, distance and acceleration—essential for maintaining safe separation between railcars in a high-performance hump yard,” the company said.

TyTReporter™, described as “a sophisticated railyard reporting tool,” will be customizable by all levels of CSX users “to simplify troubleshooting, analyze yard trends and review up-to-the minute historical performance. Drilling down to gather information about an individual railcar or yard device is quick and simple.”

CLASSMASTER™ includes auto calibration, graphic playback, DTC; easily readable loggers; graphic playback; realtime hump list display; eBlock™, electronic track blocking; automatic report generation; AEI integration and list verification, I/O redundancy, hot standy operation and remote diagnostics. “Automatic calibration delivers the highest levels of accuracy quickly,” Trainyard Tech noted

ROUTEMASTER™ includes Automatic Entrance – Exit Route Selection, Track Block Protection and Event Replay.

“Our most recent hardware innovation is UDI2™, which provides control and indications for switches, skate retarders, derails, blue flags and shove lights in railyards,” Trainyard Tech said. “UDI2 uses any communications type, including mesh network (wireless), radio, fiber or direct cable. Safety is added with a built-in local control switch to remove power during device maintenance. The UDI2 is scalable to any project size, from single device control to full yard automation.”

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