Railroad Safety Through Data, with Jeffrey Necciai and Ed Harris, Duos Technologies – RAIL GROUP ON AIR

Duos Technologies is one of the leaders of artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, machine vision and other advanced technologies the railroads are increasingly leveraging. Chief Technology Officer Jeffrey Necciai and Duos Board

RAD Torque Systems B-RAD Series: RAIL GROUP ON AIR

The RAD Torque Systems B-RAD Series of battery-powered torque wrenches, which currently includes B-RAD S, B-RAD Select, Digital B-RAD and B-RAD Select Offset tools, now includes the new B-RAD X and B-RAD

CRISI: What’s In It For Commuter Rail? RAIL GROUP ON AIR

Federal funding is available for rail improvement and expansion projects through the CRISI (Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvements)Program, a $1.43 billion FRA-administered initiative for capital projects that will improve passenger and

The Future of Rolling Stock, Sponsored by Clever Devices – RAIL GROUP ON AIR

IRJ Editor-in-Chief Kevin Smith speaks with John Santamaria of Clever Devices and Alex Pacquet of Alstom on the rise of alternative traction in the rail industry as well as the latest trends

Steve Crise photo © Steve Crise 2022 Date: August 12, 2022 Location: BNSF Alliance Yard Ft. Worth, Texas GPS: Railroad: BNSF Locomotive#: None Subject: Photo shoot for John Cech Railway Track & Structures photo shoot. Image notes: © Steve Crise 2022 scrisephoto@gmail.com 310 963 9265 www.scrise.com

Rail Group On Air: 2022 RT&S Engineer of the Year John Cech

RT&S Managing Editor David Lester talks with the 2022 RT&S Engineer of the Year John Cech from BNSF about challenging projects, the technological movement, what it takes to work in the rail industry, and what it will take to recruit the younger generation.

Rail Group On Air: 2022 Top Projects, Part 2

RT&S Editor in Chief Bill Wilson talks to Railroad Construction Company, Inc., about the Way Interlocking and Subway Structure Rehabilitation.

Technology Transformation with PST: Rail Group On Air Podcast

Other industries have been where railroading is today: going through technology transformations. And those other industries are not only surviving, but thriving. PS Technology Senior Vice President Abhi Bhan, who comes from those

Norfolk Southern TOP | SPG Operating Plan, With Cindy Sanborn and Paul Duncan – RAIL GROUP ON AIR

Norfolk Southern’s TOP|SPG operating plan—which stands for Thoroughbred Operating Plan | Service Productivity Growth—has evolved from NS’s previous plans, TOP 21 among them. Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Cindy Sanborn

Where Are They Now? 2011 Railroader of the Year Wick Moorman – RAIL GROUP ON AIR

Railway Age’s 2011 Railroader of the Year Charles W. “Wick” Moorman IV retired as chairman, president and CEO of Norfolk Southern in 2015, then spent a year as president of Amtrak. Since

Passenger Trains on Freight Railroads: ‘It’s Not Rocket Science. It’s About Cutting the Right Business Deal’ – RAIL GROUP ON AIR

Industry icons Gene Skoropowski and Tom Mulligan recall their long, mutually beneficial association as, respectively, Managing Director of California’s Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority and Union Pacific Director of Passenger Rail Operations. Gene