The Official Railway Interchange 2019 Mobile App Is Here

With Railway Interchange 2019 less than two weeks away, it’s time to download the official mobile app of the largest Rail Industry Conference and Exhibition in North America.

Muallem joins RailPros

Basem Muallem, P.E., a Caltrans veteran, has joined RailPros as Vice President and Inland Empire Area Manager and statewide Transportation Lead for California.

PTC 87% Done: FRA

With 16 months left until the Congressionally mandated Dec. 31, 2020 deadline for full implementation of PTC (Positive Train Control), the U.S. railroad industry is drawing close, according to the Federal Railroad Administration’s Second-Quarter 2019 PTC Progress Report.

Wi-Fi, Why Not? Icomera Selected to Deliver GO Transit’s Connectivity

Metrolinx has chosen Icomera Canada to install its Internet solutions on GO Transit’s fleet of vehicles operating in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton areas.

A Look Inside Amtrak’s Next-Gen Acela Express

Amtrak’s Acela Express, which replaced the iconic Metroliner service that helped define the Northeast Corridor for the better part of 30 years, is now approaching age 20 (kind of old for a train). The equipment, popular with customers but sort-of affectionately called “The Fast Pig” in railroading circles, will soon be replaced with new, lighter, sleeker and faster trainsets from Alstom.

LIRR: New Bridge in a Weekend

MTA Long Island Rail Road crews used accelerated bridge construction techniques to replace a railroad bridge in just two days in New York City’s New Hyde Park. The bridge was open for Monday commuters on Aug. 26.

Amtrak, MassDOT To Launch Valley Flyer Service

Amtrak, in conjunction with MassDOT, is launching a new state-supported, seven-day-a-week passenger train for a two-year pilot program on August 30 called the Valley Flyer.

Two Grants Aim to Improve Amtrak Midwest Network

A pair of State Departments of Transportation received federal grants to improve service along the Amtrak Midwest network.

FTA Seeks Public Comment on PMO Rule

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) announced that it is seeking public comment on revisions to its Project Management Oversight (PMO) rule, which guides federal oversight of large transit capital investments.

WSP Names New Leadership Team

WSP USA has announced the appointments of four staff into leadership roles in Los Angeles.