Respondents to Metra’s RFP for battery-powered locomotives can chose to paint them in a “green version of Metra’s paint scheme” (per the conceptual illustrations, above) to indicate the green technology.

Metra Eyes ‘Green’ Power

The move to zero-emission locomotives is picking up electrons—not steam—with Metra’s announcement that it will issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) challenging manufacturers to convert three of its older F40PH-3 diesels to battery power.

Calgary-based TRIG’s transloading automation solutions help terminal operators “maximize loading efficiency of closed rail tank cars, through a combination of digital sensor technology and control system integration,” according to the company.

Supply Side: Ballard, TransRail Innovation

Ballard Power Systems will provide fuel cell modules for Sierra Northern Railway’s new zero-emission switching locomotive; tank car and terminal automation solution provider TransRail Innovation, Inc., (TRIG) has acquired Formation Liquids Logistics Ltd. (FLLL), a rail terminal auditing firm and consultancy.

Rick Webb, Executive Chairman, Watco

Railway Age 2021 Readers’ Influential Leaders

Railway Age is pleased to present the results of its second annual Readers’ Influential Leaders program.

Smarter, Safer Railroading: Shift5

Shift5, an advanced-technology company that sprung from the United States Department of Defense, has established a firm foothold in the U.S. railway industry.

Clear Road to Carbon Neutrality

North American rail is on the beginning edge of a secular change in its approach to carbon emissions.

Southern Shorthaul Railroad is testing KickStart, which ZTR says “uses supercapacitor technology to supplement the locomotive batteries during the engine start, reducing strain.”

SSR Piloting ZTR KickStart Down Under

Southern Shorthaul Railroad (SSR) in Australia is testing ZTR’s KickStart to extend locomotive battery life and improve starting reliability.

Shift5, With Josh Lospinoso, Michael Weigand and Gil Lamphere: RAIL GROUP ON AIR

Shift5’s mission is to make the world’s fleets smarter and safer. Shift5 is a product company that deploys hardware and software onto civilian and military platforms—from rail and aircraft to maritime, space,

Railway Age’s April 2021 Digital Edition On Line

The April 2021 issue of Railway Age is now available digitally, with deep dives into Canadian Pacific and Kansas City Southern’s move to create the first USMCA Railroad as well as Amtrak’s 50th anniversary.

A. Stucki’s Kiefer Retiring

Rail supply community stalwart Bill Kiefer, President and CEO of A. Stucki Company since 2003, on March 31 announced his retirement. He remains on the company’s board of directors.

The Wi-Tronix system will help BRC make “improvements to our use of fuel, our environmental footprint and the overall efficiency of our locomotive assets,” President Mike Grace said.

BRC Selects Wi-Tronix Violet Edge IoT System

The Belt Railway Company of Chicago (BRC) will equip its switching locomotive fleet with fuel consumption and idle reduction monitoring, incident investigation and mechanical health status, and high-coupling force alert technologies from Wi-Tronix.