IntelliTrans Marks 30 Years

IntelliTrans, a global provider of multi-modal supply chain and logistics solutions for bulk and break-bulk product manufacturers, this year marks 30 years in business.

New York Air Brake, Nexxiot Partner on Digitalization

As the process of digitalization in North American rail freight gathers pace, we discover how connecting freight railcar air brake data to cloud analytics can change the industry. Here’s an example of how it will drive efficiency and deliver rail and cargo applications that industry participants need.

M-976 Turnout Negotiation Evaluation

MxV Rail R&D, Railway Age July 2022 Issue: As part of the Association of American Railroads (AAR) Car and Truck Systems Strategic Research Initiative project, MxV Rail (formerly TTCI) was tasked by

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NYCT: Four Firms Named ‘Signaling Challenge’ Finalists

Four companies—4AI Systems, Alstom, Luminar/Seoul Robotics and Ouster/Lux Modus—have been selected by the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority Transit Tech Lab as finalists in the global Signaling Challenge competition, part of New York City Transit’s CBTC (communications-based train control) program.

Solving Big Safety Problems with Big Data: FRA RISE

Despite tremendous progress in railroad safety over the past 40 years, some statistical measures of safety performance indicate that we have reached a plateau. For example, fatalities have plateaued since 2011 and in some cases increased.

WHITE PAPER: Management of In-Train Forces – Challenges and Directions (Updated June 13, 2022)

I present this white paper (downloadable below) from the viewpoint of an observer and generalist, albeit one with more than 46 years of involvement in rail safety and policy issues, 36 years of which were “in the trenches” at the Federal Railroad Administration. The views and issues discussed should be tested against the seasoned judgments of qualified engineers, technologists, managers, line employees and data analysts. They are not native to any individual area of specialization. Only a dialogue involving transparency and rigor will yield clarifications and real progress.

“The use of technology to increase shipment visibility is critical for ensuring we meet the needs and expectations of our customers who rely upon us for safe and reliable service,” said Kenny Rocker, Executive Vice President-Marketing and Sales for UP, which has joined the RailPulse coalition.

UP Joins RailPulse Coalition

RailPulse has a seventh member: Union Pacific, which on June 7 joined the coalition established in late 2020 to “develop, broaden and accelerate the use of GPS and other telematics technologies in North America’s freight rail industry.”