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Better railroading through Big Data

As railroads develop and implement new generations of sophisticated inspection and monitoring systems, they find themselves collecting large volumes of data, at increased frequencies across a variety of interrelated systems.

Bentley video: Analyze rail and track condition

Bentley Systems’ AssetWise Operational Analytics platform affords users the opportunity “to quickly assess every dimension of railway infrastructure and its condition over time,” the company says. “Assess and learn from past maintenance activities. Make better decisions about track and other m/w assetts. Determine what work needs to be done and where, and predict when it should be done.”

Bentley Rail Predictive Maintenance: Video

Bentley Systems’ Rail Predictive Maintenance platform “enables railways to understand rail asset condition to improve maintenance decisions, predict asset deterioration to help optimize maintenance schedules, and allows to access to data wherever it adds the most value, in the office or on site,” the company says.