Fact-Checking Cuomo’s LaGuardia Air Train

Opponents of the LaGuardia Air Train looking for alternatives have many reasons to be concerned about its future impacts. To build a train to the plane within five years for $2 billion is a planner’s dream. It will be a nightmare for taxpayers and riders. Count on cost overruns approaching $1 billion, and multi-year construction delays reaching beneficial use. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey and its consultants, along with labor unions and construction contractors who would benefit by this project, refuse to acknowledge this reality. As well, Cuomo and PANY&NJ Executive Director Rick Cotton promise a 30-minute or less connection from LaGuardia Air Port to Midtown Manhattan. This is a myth.

FTA: $1.4B for NYMTA

The Jan. 15, 2020 New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority public hearing for its proposed federal fiscal year 2020 capital program of projects confirms there continues to be good news from Washington concerning real financial support. Several million commuters will see some of the benefits.

Penn Station South: Only in Cuomo’s Mind

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s ghost speech writer for his Penn Station South eight-track expansion proposal forgot a lot of things and clearly has no understanding of transit history.

Cuomo’s HSR Dream: Not In Your Lifetime

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s call for creation of a commission to study improvements to Amtrak’s Empire Corridor service between Buffalo and Albany and south to New York City is a waste of time and money. This has been discussed and studied on and off for decades. No one could figure out how to find several billion dollars to pay for this consultants’ dream. As a result, it will never advance beyond the planning feasibility study and environmental review process.

Remembering LIRR’s Charles Hoppe

There is more to the fifth anniversary this past Dec. 25 of the death of former MTA Long Island Rail Road President Charles “Chuck” Hoppe, who inherited construction of the LIRR’s Jamaica Hillside Maintenance facility from his predecessor, Bruce C. McIver, LIRR President from 1985 to 1989.

Strung Along By Stringer’s Useless Audits

Never shy around a camera or microphone, New York City Comptroller and 2021 Mayoral wannabe Scott Stringer will continue issuing a series of useless audits and reports including those critical of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority and various municipal agencies.

MTA Capital Program: The Devil Is In The Details

Commuters, transportation advocates, taxpayers and elected officials have good reason to be concerned about whether or not the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s $51 billion, Five Year 2020-2024 Capital Plan is realistic or accurate.

Federal transit support turns 55

Many remember the late President Lyndon B. Johnson for succeeding President John F. Kennedy after his assassination in Dallas, Tex., on Nov. 22, 1963. Others remember him for his domestic Great Society Program, which included Civil Rights, Medicare, Medicaid, the War on Poverty, Public Broadcasting, and being known as a friend of Israel. There was also other foreign policy, most notably the Vietnam War.