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Mixed-traffic methods

As interest continues to build for high speed passenger operations, there is a significant potential for the addition of higher speed passenger trains to existing freight railroad lines.

Events 2012

2012    March 4-7, 2012 Rail Equipment Finance 2012 La Quinta, Calif. Anthony Kruglinski, Email:; Website:     March 8, 2012 Railroad Day on Capitol Hill Renaissance Washington Hotel, Washington,

A muddy supplier crystal ball

If there is one thing I’ve learned in my 23 years in the railway supply industry, it’s that we are an optimistic bunch. Deal us a series of hardships and we can always look ahead to better times because those better times have always come.


With all due respect to Denzel Washington and Chris Pine, the railroad stocks may be the things that are unstoppable and not just the exaggerated Hollywood freight train story.

Can alchemists turn dross into gold?

Transportation in 2011 will be a casualty in the war between Republicans and Democrats. Transportation projects are expensive and Congress in the past has committed huge sums to highway construction and maintenance, inland waterway development, and airport projects.