Author: Jeremy Menzies

The inaugural run traveled roughly three miles from Castro Station to Embarcadero Station.

A Day in History: Market Street Subway Milestone

Forty-five years ago on January 31, 1978, San Francisco Muni and city officials along with members of the press took an inaugural ride in the brand new Market Street Subway from Castro Station to Embarcadero.


Watch: 75 Years After ‘Save the Cable Car’ Battle

Seventy-five years ago, San Francisco’s cable cars were viewed as more of a costly nuisance. A few city leaders wanted to tear out the 1870s-era transit system of wooden vehicles towed by an underground cable system. Pioneer of civic activism, Friedel Klussmann led the charge to preserve this moving landmark that draw visitors from around the world looking to fulfill their dream of riding the cable car over our hills.

This conceptual drawing from around 1960 shows the combined BART and Muni Metro subway underneath Market Street at Powell. (Photograph and Caption Courtesy of SFMTA)

Celebrating BART at 50: A Critical Link for San Francisco

In September, our sister agency San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District, celebrated its 50th anniversary. BART service changed transportation in the Bay Area forever, connecting communities in a way that hadn’t been done before. For San Francisco, the construction of BART not only provided new travel options within the city and to the East Bay, but also built the Muni Metro system.

This photo taken in the mid 1970s shows the “green and cream wings” livery once worn by hundreds of Muni vehicles. This car was delivered to Muni in 1948 and still operates today. (Caption and Photograph Courtesy of Muni)

Muni Through the Years: Livery Styles

Over the 110-year history of the San Francisco Municipal Railway (Muni), our transit vehicles have been painted in six main color schemes or liveries. Here’s a short look at those paint jobs, from the oldest streetcars to our newest buses.