Author: Daniel MacGregor


New York Air Brake, Nexxiot Partner on Digitalization

As the process of digitalization in North American rail freight gathers pace, we discover how connecting freight railcar air brake data to cloud analytics can change the industry. Here’s an example of how it will drive efficiency and deliver rail and cargo applications that industry participants need.


Why “Data Soup” Provides No Real-Time Nutrition

In my most recent Railway Age article entitled “U.S. Railroads Resurgent With Digitization at Just the Right Time,” I described how the railroads were the driver of U.S. growth, expansion and prosperity. They provided the spine for the economy to flourish.


U.S. Railroads Resurgent With Digitization at Just the Right Time

The first plans to build a U.S. transcontinental railroad from East to West were drawn up in 1845. As “Last Spike” ceremonies came to an end during the late 1800s, this vast investment in infrastructure became the core of American culture and economic power.