Author: Chuck Baker


Our Industry Must Present a United Front

Recently, I was honored to receive the OneRail Coalition’s newly established Canby Award. Named for the Coalition’s founder and former director, Anne Canby, the award recognizes an individual’s “dedication to preserving and


‘Ill-Conceived, Ill-Timed, Unnecessary’

The American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association is disappointed with the Federal Railroad Administration’s Train Crew Size Safety Requirements Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.   With no safety data to support its proposal, the

Chuck Baker, President, American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association

CEO PERSPECTIVE: Four Parallel Paths to Growth

As part of a special series in Railway Age’s March 2022 issue, 11 North American railroad CEOs address what must be done to grow and gain market share from competing freight transportation modes. Chuck Baker, President of the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association, rounds out the series, sharing his perspective.

ASLRRA is holding an in-person Annual Conference and Exhibition on May 1-3 in St. Louis, Mo.—The Gateway City!

A Virtual Success—and a Live Opportunity

ASLRRA PERSPECTIVE, RAILWAY AGE APRIL 2022 ISSUE: Even as a virtual event, Railroad Day on the Hill continues to be the premier railroad industry lobbying event showcasing the importance, vitality and resilience of American freight rail.

For short lines, IIJA dramatically increases grant funding opportunities for the most expensive rehabilitation projects, expands short line eligibility in infrastructure programs, provides set-asides for small and rural area projects that help protect short line participation, and creates new highway grade crossing elimination funding.

Ebenezer Scrooge Was Nowhere In Sight

ASLRRA PERSPECTIVE, RAILWAY AGE, DECEMBER 2021 ISSUE: Christmas came early this year and the short line stocking was filled to the brim. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) is the biggest federal infrastructure spending bill since, well, since ever.


Let Us Hope That Good Sense Prevails

ASLRRA PERSPECTIVE, RAILWAY AGE, OCTOBER 2021 ISSUE: In 2017, the previous Administration dubbed the week of June 5 as “Infrastructure Week” as part of an effort to promote its $1 trillion infrastructure plan. Seven times in the following three and a half years, that Administration declared that infrastructure would be the theme of the week, only to see those plans thwarted in one fashion or another each time.