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At our intermodal hubs, where containers and trailers arrive or depart by train or truck and are transferred between modes, we’ll soon expand our testing of AI to enable hostler drivers to move the units more efficiently from parking lots to tracks or from tracks to parking lots. (Caption and Photograph Courtesy of BNSF)

AI: New Frontier for Safety, Efficiency, Service at BNSF

Artificial intelligence (or AI) has been a big topic in the news lately, with the rising popularity of AI software like ChatGPT and Midjourney. AI also has many industrial and commercial applications. The rapidly evolving technology is transforming how information is processed, analyzed and used to support sound decision-making.


Aberdeen, South Dakota: Where Railroading Roots Run Deep

In the northeast corner of South Dakota, nestled in the James River Valley, is the town of Aberdeen. Nicknamed “Hub City,” Aberdeen’s many railroad tracks intersect here, just like spokes on a wheel. With eight trains daily passing through the town of 28,000, South Dakota’s third-largest city still has “ties” to deep railroading roots.

Women EnRoute Chair Brooke Owens.

Showing Support: BNSF’s Women’s Network and Women EnRoute

Though the rail industry is predominantly male, females continue to have an increasing impact. BNSF is committed to a fully inclusive environment, and we’ve established resources to help every BNSF employee reach their full potential. Two great examples include our Women’s Network business resource group and our Women EnRoute groups across the network.


Women in Rail: Mothers and Daughters Share Working for the Railroad

Railroading is an occupation often passed down through the generations. Many BNSF employees have a family history in railroading. In honor of Women’s History Month, we look at three mothers who proudly pass their enthusiasm for their work to their daughters. They have a lot in common, especially their love for their children and the railroad.


In the Blood: BNSF Employee’s Railroad Heritage Goes Back Six Generations

Railroading has been integral to our nation for almost two centuries, and for many families, it has been an important part of their heritage, too. BNSF locomotive engineer Brett Wodke is a sixth-generation railroader, starting with his great-great-great grandfather. Here’s a look at the Wodke family’s impressive history.