Wi-Tronix Turns 15

Written by Andrew Corselli
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The Wi-Tronix Violet Edge

Advanced Internet of Things (IoT) services provider Wi-Tronix, LLC recently celebrated its 15th year in the rail industry.

Wi-Tronix technologies aim to “connect rail companies in real-time with critical information and actionable insights about how their trains and rail networks are performing. Wi-Tronix has always been focused on the digitalization of rail, by providing state-of-the-art Edge Processing platforms and a full suite of Cloud-based industry leading solutions. Over 12,000 rail vehicles from all types of manufacturers are equipped with Wi-Tronix, providing support to over one-third of all locomotives in North America.”

Founded in 2004 by Larry Jordan, Michael Heilmann, Lisa Matta and Duane Hong, Wi-Tronix started out in Jordan’s basement in the Chicago suburbs. Since, the company has grown to more than 130 personnel who are focused on bringing innovative technology to the rail industry.

Wi-Tronix initially created the Wi-PU, which aims to provide remote Event Recorder data and accurate fuel readings, and monitor compliance of operating rules. In 2016, Wi-Tronix introduced the Violet Edge, the evolution of the Wi-Tronix Wi-PU. Violet Edge can function as an FRA Event Recorder, PTC Event Recorder and Digital Video Recorder, or as all three.

“Over the past 15 years, teamwork and customer collaboration has helped spark some of the most important product developments,” said Jordan, President, CTO, Wi-Tronix. “We are excited about what we have accomplished in 15 years, and looking forward to see where our team can go with the developments in AI, Big Data, video analytics and machine learning in the future. We have a great team dedicated to the success of our customers.”

“We are focused on providing solutions for our customers today, all the while pushing ahead on the path toward autonomous operation,” added Jordan. “The next 15 years will be truly revolutionary in the rail industry, and Wi-Tronix is pleased to be a leader on this journey.”

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