Cervello Granted U.S. Rail Cybersecurity Policy Authoring Patent

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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Cervello, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based cybersecurity firm, has been granted what it’s calling the ”first-ever U.S. patent (U.S. Pat. No.: US11247706B2) covering Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based cyber protection for railways.”

The patent, Cervello said, “exclusively allows Cervello to develop and offer an AI cybersecurity policy generator to provide real-time, granular threat-detection, analysis, and countermeasures against today’s continuously evolving cyberthreats against rail organizations. Currently, organizations rely mostly on traditional anomaly detection to identify cyberthreats; however, as hackers become more skilled at penetrating security environments, companies are being forced to stay one step ahead. In response to the increasing sophistication of cyber events over the past few years, AI has garnered significant attention in the cybersecurity space and secured its place as a superior and essential technology in the future of rail cybersecurity. An AI-based rail cybersecurity solution understands the context of operational behaviors to deliver a more accurate and accelerated detection of potential risks, abnormal patterns, and operational impact prediction. This is an invaluable benefit for the rail industry, which cannot risk any unnecessary service disruption and, in the case of a real cyber event, needs to be well informed to act quickly and stay protected.”

“There is so much potential to improve the state of cybersecurity in the rail industry and we are excited to be among the first to develop such solutions,” said Cervello CTO and Co-Founder Shaked Kafzan. “We believe that securing mission-critical assets should be at the forefront of any government’s policy due to the enormous impact it has on daily business and on protecting human lives. Being granted the first-ever U.S. patent for AI-supported rail cybersecurity policy authoring* validates our commitment to innovation and encourages us to continue meeting the needs of organizations with the most state-of-the-art technology. We are proud that leading rail operators and infrastructure managers around the world are already using our product and benefiting from such cutting-edge technology.”

Cervello describes itself as “a trusted leader in railway cybersecurity that ensures safety, reliability, and business continuity for rail organizations across the globe. By deploying Cervello’s patented security solution, fleets are presented with a contextual reflection of their operations while continuously monitoring their mission-critical assets. Fleet operators and infrastructure managers can thus eliminate safety risks and more effectively prevent incidents by minimizing threats against their networks. Cervello Platform’s agentless, scalable and easy-to-deploy architecture facilitates integration into existing enterprise systems, achieving maximum operational efficiency while addressing both legacy and modern infrastructure requirements. “

* Policy authoring is the process of creating a set of rules combined either with the goal to regulate access, make systems more secure or define trust relationships.

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