Bentley video: Analyze rail and track condition

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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Bentley Systems’ AssetWise Operational Analytics platform affords users the opportunity “to quickly assess every dimension of railway infrastructure and its condition over time,” the company says. “Assess and learn from past maintenance activities. Make better decisions about track and other m/w assetts. Determine what work needs to be done and where, and predict when it should be done.”

Data collection systems such as track geometry vehicles, ground penetrating radar, laser scanners, video recorders, track walkers, and more can produce many gigabytes of data in a day. Within the realm of Big Data and IoT (The Internet of Things), “AssetWise efficiently stores, links to, and correlates this data for rapid access and analysis, enabling y timely and accurate maintenance decisions,” Bentley says. “AssetWise supports managing datasets containing hundreds of thousands of surveys and can be terabytes in size.”

AssetWise has a library of 200-plus linear “network-aware” data processing rules and commands that can be applied to extract actionable information.” These rules can find clusters of defects and trend track degradation to plan surfacing and filter spikes, among other functions, from measurement data. These rules can also be combined “to perform sophisticated data analysis to extract more value from existing data,” Bentley notes.

Another feature of AssettWise is data visualization, described as “critical in transforming vast quantities of complex linear data into actionable information that users can readily access, understand, and utilize. Straight line diagram visualization features provide instant access to an informative representation of any combination of configured data types at any location on the railroad”

“AssetWise brings together linear asset data from any number of sources and correlates the data by location and time,” Bentley notes. “It includes several integration capabilities for importing files, linking to existing databases and web services to communicate with other systems. AssetWise extends value to discrete or hierarchical asset data systems like EAMs and other CMMS or asset management systems by combining linear with discrete data analysis, then feeding results back to the non-linear systems.”

AssetWise Operational Analytics now includes the capabilities of Bentley’s Optram platform.

Click HERE to see a video of AssetWise Operational Analytics.

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