Bentley Rail Predictive Maintenance: Video

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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Bentley Systems’ Rail Predictive Maintenance platform “enables railways to understand rail asset condition to improve maintenance decisions, predict asset deterioration to help optimize maintenance schedules, and allows to access to data wherever it adds the most value, in the office or on site,” the company says.

“Optimizing maintenance for rail assets is essential for delivering a safe, reliable, and profitable rail network. Having accurate information about rail assets is a crucial part of a predictive maintenance decision support environment.”

Rail Predictive Maintenance combines asset condition data with environmental, financial, and design data, which allows users to understand the state and operating condition of key rail assets to improve the overall integrity and safety of a rail network.

“A common data environment for railway maintenance decision support allows proactive management of railway assets based on current and historical track and rail asset data,” Bentley notes. “Users can combine asset condition data with environmental, financial and design data to understand the state of the assets and how they are deteriorating over time. Budget, resources, and access constraints can be reviewed visually along with the predicted deterioration of the asset and the impact of asset failure on the overall system. This allows users to improve the effectiveness of maintenance work planning.

“Our Predictive Maintenance solution combines current and historical rail asset data. This is presented in linear, thematic track charts. You can also interactively reference more than 200 types of railway asset data, including track layouts, curves, track elements, planned work, work history, events history, rail defects, maintenance zones, area zones, track category and mileposts.

The company offers an informative video on the subject matter. Click HERE to access it.

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