Amsted Rail forms Amsted Digital Solutions

Written by Stuart Chirls, Senior Editor
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Amsted Rail has formed a new company to deliver onboard telematics and wireless sensor solutions for freight railcars and other unpowered rail assets.  

The Chicago-based global provider of bogie components and systems for the heavy haul rail industry introduced Amsted Digital Solutions, offering the re-engineered IONX telematics hardware and software in an integrated end-to-end telematics platform for the unpowered asset segment.

The end-to-end platform features IoT device hardware including wireless sensors, data communications management, data warehousing, IoT device management, and cloud-based tools and applications that deliver real-time intelligence and rich data.

“Our objective is to provide an IoT platform that makes the entire process of selecting and adopting a meaningful supply chain visibility tool simple, efficient, and intuitive,” said Brad Myers, chief operations officer. “Our rugged onboard gateways and wireless sensors are certified to the highest safety ratings, are ultra-low power, and built to survive harsh operating environments. Our cloud-based analytic tools are rich with dashboards and customizable tools to help our customers generate greater productivity and integrate predictive analytics targeting utilization, status and health of their unpowered assets and their entire fleet.”

Backed more than a century of experience in engineering and design across multiple Amsted operating divisions, Amsted Digital Solutions is pioneering the end-to-end telematics segment for freight rail applications. Amsted Digital Solutions is expanding its Machine Learning Engineering team with the next- generation E-Series IoT devices, and expanding its market presence abroad.

“Our entrance into Europe with a strategically centralized facility and alignment with key strategic partners only enhances our value and ability to truly connect the global supply chain,” said John Felty, Senior Director – Business Development.

“We’re very excited about the launch of Amsted Digital Solutions, the future of Smart Transportation is rapidly approaching with the advances in many fields from chipsets, battery technology, and AI. We have partnered with select strategic companies, universities, and technology partners over the past few years to redefine IoT platforms of the future, today,” said John Wories, President – Amsted Rail.


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