Surface Transportation Board

The Surface Transportation Board announced Friday, Aug. 2, 2013, that it has determined that the rail industry’s after-tax cost of capital was 11.11%. Last
 year, the cost of capital was…
Like a U.S. Navy destroyer unleashing all of its weapons simultaneously, the Association of American Railroads has launched a strongly worded attack on the National Industrial Transportation League’s proposal to…
With the Obama nomination of Anthony Foxx to become the next transportation secretary, chatter now focuses on the successor to Frank Mulvey at the three-member Surface Transportation Board (STB). 
The Surface Transportation Board announced May 1 that it has denied Union 
Pacific’s (UP) petition requesting that the Board find
 reasonable certain UP tariff provisions requiring shippers of
 Toxic-by-Inhalation Hazardous…
The Wall Street Journal has done a brilliant job of, as our Senior Consulting Editor Luther Miller likes to say, “making the obvious less obscure.”
Congress, collectively, has “forgotten” the dark days of rail regulation and its own move to address it. That’s a threat to rail’s long-term viability.
The National Industrial Transportation League (NITL) and the American Chemistry Council (ACC) want the Surface Transportation Board to annul market forces and require that at least two Class I railroads…
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