Plasser American

Track projects this summer in northern Idaho are expanding capacity on a busy segment of BNSF’s Northern Corridor, and upgrading conditions on Union Pacific’s route to the Canadian border.
Plasser American Corp. has appointed Ronald Olds as vice president of sales and marketing.
Josef W. “Joe” Neuhofer, former President of Plasser American Corp., died March 29, 2016 after a brief illness. He was 78.
IRJ at Railway Interchange: Plasser American unveiled its new GRM2X self-propelled fully-automated tamping trailer at the outdoor exhibition area in Minneapolis.
Suppliers continue their R&D efforts to provide improved ballast maintenance solutions.
Complete track renewal work calls for large machines that offer custom solutions.
Productivity gains and cost savings often go hand-in-hand with safer m/w equipment.
Today’s ballast distribution technology ensures that aggregate is perfectly placed. Track maintainers are aware of the role well-placed ballast has on track structure. Having too much can be just as…
Elbow grease was the main driver of track maintenance a century ago; today, it’s technology. When it comes to the grinding process, everything from close cooperation with railroads to continued…
Professionals juggle the miscellany of variables associated with grinding to ensure a target profile to manage and extend rail life. Rail remains one of the railroads’ most expensive assets, and…
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