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Europe’s largest rail freight carrier, DB Cargo, and GE Transportation have signed an agreement to digitize 250 locomotives across Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Poland over the next five…
GE on Feb. 13 announced goals of having 20,000 women fill STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) roles by 2020 and obtaining 50:50 representation in all the company’s technical entry-level…
GE Transportation announced it made the first shipment of its diesel-electric Evolution Series ES43ACi locomotives to Pakistan Railways, from its manufacturing plant in Erie, Penn.  The locomotives are expected to…
GE Transportation announced its acquisition of Iders Incorporated, an electronic product design and manufacturing company for the rail industry.
GE Transportation and Transnet announced a South Africa partnership on Nov. 15.
Amsted Rail and GE Transportation have formed a joint venture “to combine GE’s experience in train management and locomotive monitoring with Amsted Rail’s expertise in onboard monitoring of railcar component…
GE Transportation, in collaboration with Intel Corp., introduced a “superbrain” platform solution for locomotives that transforms them into mobile data headquarters, “helping make trains smarter and faster.”
GE Transportation has acquired ShipXpress, a provider of “cloud-based software solutions that enable transportation, industrial, and commodities businesses to efficiently operate with supply chain partners.”
More than 700 employees attended a ceremony to mark the rollout of the 1,000th locomotive from the GE Manufacturing Solutions plant in Fort Worth, Tex., on July 7, three-and-a-half years…
GE selected Chicago to be a core hub of its growing digital ecosystem and the company says it will provide deep investments to further advance its digital strategy.
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