Freight Cars

In-service failures of large freight car castings have resulted in a comprehensive review of the specifications governing their manufacture, inspection, and repair.
CF Rail Services, said Thursday that as of the New Year, it has assumed the operations of the railcar repair facility located at 205 Douglas Street in Longview, Wash.
Railroads have long acknowledged the benefits offered by rail lubrication. But companies in the friction modifier market are continuing to make advances to help their railroad customers.
A good friend of mine who practices transportation finance in London, Jacqui Nelson, recently asked me about the condition of the U.S. economy. She reported that the “City” of London…
High performance wheels can offer improved safety and an extended life cycle. Wheelset removals are the largest freight car maintenance expense item in North America, accounting for half of all car…
What the sudden surge in orders means for carbuilders and their customers. A giant bulge in freight car orders in this year’s first quarter sent waves of optimism through an…
The proverbial ounce of prevention is worth more than any cure when it comes to keeping heavy tonnage on track.
Despite a higher average age, the revenue-earning fleet comprises mostly “young” freight car sub-fleets, based on a 50-year life span.
NS discovers that managing the wheel/rail dynamic in a heavy haul environment comes down to finding equilibrium among several factors.
TTCI seeks a remedy for uneven flange profiles.
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