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Auto-Max® makes the grade in Mexico. Most, if not all, of the advances in motor vehicle transport by rail have come about through cooperative efforts involving the railroads, railroad suppliers,…
Bigger is indeed better for this transcontinental carrier, which is operating some of the longest freight trains in North America.
According to information in BNSF’s 10Q quarterly filing at the Securities and Exchange Commission, the company paid a dividend of $250 million to Warren Buffett, its only stockholder.
If the past few months are any indication, the answer is yes. Just ask BNSF.
Kansas City Southern looks to its new international intermodal corridor for sustained growth.
Track time is a precious commodity. Suppliers of high-productivity m/w machines enable railroads to make the most of it.
Solid earnings in a shaky economy is one reason. The emerging picture of a growth industry is another.
The economic downturn brought a great deal of hardship to carriers across the supply chain. Many shippers took the opportunity to re-bid their trucking contracts out of cycle, placing even…
Prudent and persistent capital investment has positioned Union Pacific for a robust recovery.
Can the industry’s much-touted fuel efficiency number be improved?
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