Friday, November 15, 2013

Starbucks outlet boards Swiss Federal Railways

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Need coffee during your rail trip? Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) passengers soon will simply saunter to the Starbucks double-decker café car.

Starbucks on Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013 said the first official trip including the café car will begin at 6:36 a.m. Nov. 21 on SBB service linking Geneva Airport and St. Gallen—presumably ideal for first-cup needs of numerous passengers.

"The design is contemporary and focused on comfort, yet at the same time functional," Starbucks said in a statement. "This combination is expressed through beautiful design elements and a color scheme inspired by coffee."

Starbucks logos appear both on the exterior and exterior of the car, which offers a capacity of 50 customers. The first floor features a standing bar and baristas, while lounges occupy the second floor of the car.

“We are very happy to unveil this exciting new on-board experience for our customers”, said Director of SBB Passenger Transportation Jeannine Pilloud. “We continuously work to enhance our on-board services through innovations to ensure travelers enjoy a pleasant journey and this project is an evolution of our catering concept. We want our customers to feel at home while traveling with us.”