Saturday, March 23, 2013

FY13 budget bill leaves Amtrak intact

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Approval by the House of Representatives Thursday of Senate spending levels for the remainder of fiscal year 2013, approved a day earlier, results in Amtrak's funding remaining relatively intact.

The National Association of Railroad Passengers reported the Senate "amended a House proposal that slashed transportation funding, reinstating the funding levels to those approved in the 2012 surface transportation bill passed [last] fall. The House voted to pass the Senate-amended bill by a vote of 318-109."

Amtrak, as a result, gets $1.347 billion for fiscal year 2013, equalling the FY12 level ($1.4 billion) minus 5% due to sequestration, which took place earlier this month.

"Amtrak will actually show a surplus in operating budget and that will be used most likely to pay down the CAF Viewliner acquisition," NARP said.