Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Fresno group files CHSRA support statement

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A "support statement" filed with the Surface Transportation Board by Fresno Works, dated Dec. 20, 2013, urges STB to "expeditiously grant the petition for exemption" for construction of high speed rail between Fresno, Calif., and Bakersfield, roughly 114 miles in length.

The letter, posted Dec. 23 on STB's website, was submitted by Henry R. Perea, chairman of Fresno Works, a group that "represents a unified effort to bring the California High-Speed Rail Authority's heavy maintenance facility to Fresno County."

Fresno Works last May filed letter with STB urging similar action for Phase 1 of the Golden State's HSR project, linking Fresno with Madera, Calif., a distance of about 65 miles.

"With the projected future population growth in California and the opportunity to expand our valley's economic base, the construction of high speed rail will provide additional mobility for California and will provide much needed jobs in the Central Valley. The entire high-speed rail project will help enhance our region's vitality," Perea wrote.

"The expeditious approval of the petition for exemption is greatly needed. The high-speed rail project will soon provide thousands of local jobs and contract opportunities for local businesses which are urgently needed. By putting local residents and businesses back to work, the project supports local companies directly contracting with the CHSRA, and local businesses throughout the region when residents have additional income to spend on items for themselves and their families," Perea added.

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