Monday, April 16, 2012

United States joins InnoTrans 2012 exhibitors

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With the addition of the United States and Hungary, InnoTrans 2012 will have a record 32 countries mounting combined national and regional displays of their transport technology at the ninth InnoTrans in Berlin Sept. 18-23.

"Thus InnoTrans 2012 will provide exhibitors and trade visitors with a comprehensive and concentrated overview of the market for rail technology product innovations from countries around the world," Said Messe Berlin, the show's organizer, in a press release from Berlin Monday.

"The international dimension of InnoTrans is also reflected by its combined national displays. Thus, in addition to industrialized nations from Europe, countries such as Brazil, Australia, Taiwan, and Korea are also hosting national displays at the fair. InnoTrans 2012 has maintained the high standards of the last event: 22% of all the exhibitors presented their innovations at combined displays at InnoTrans 2010, occupying 13% of the total net display area."

A total of 2,243 exhibitors from 45 countries presented their products and services at InnoTrans 2010' 103,295 trade visitors came to Berlin from more than 100 countries. At the ninth InnoTrans, the main emphasis will be on Railway Technology, Railway Infrastructure, Tunnel Construction, Interiors, and Public Transport.