Thursday, April 02, 2009

Trainyard Tech acquires GE’s PROYARD™

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Trainyard Tech, LLC has signed an agreement with General Electric Transportation Systems Global Signaling to acquire GE’s PROYARD™ product line. The agreement was signed March 26; transfer of technology and business will take place over the next few months.

classmaster.jpg“The PROYARD™ acquisition significantly increases our installed base, allowing Trainyard Tech to improve customer service across the board,” said Trainyard Tech President John Aliberti. “Existing and future PROYARD™ installations will benefit from the advancements made in the current Trainyard Tech CLASSMASTER™ process control system. Our goal is to provide sustainability and continual improvement of PROYARD™ and an upgrade path toward a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution similar to CLASSMASTER™.” Trainyard Tech based CLASSMASTER™ on open architecture running on the Microsoft Windows XP platform, utilizing COTS products.

“The ability to handshake with other software, hardware, and systems has allowed for swift upgrades from legacy systems of all other providers,” said Trainyard Tech Vice President-Engineering Dan Niemiec. “This capability, combined with high levels of employee knowledge and experience, has helped prepare us to service our new customers transferred from this acquisition. Trainyard Tech has always strived to maintain the highest level of support for its customers, and this effort will be intensified for existing customers and those brought in through Proyard™.”

ns-roanoke-yard.jpgIn the past eight months, Trainyard Tech has placed three CLASSMASTER™ systems in service: Norfolk Southern’s Roanoke Yard (pictured) and Bellevue Yard, and Terminal Railroad Association’s Madison Yard in Venice, Ill.

Trainyard Tech, LLC, founded in April 2003, is a technology startup company, with software development and testing offices and a disaster recovery center based outside of Pittsburgh, Pa., and hardware development and manufacturing based outside of Detroit, Mich. The company says it is “the first railroad supplier to deliver to the railroad industry a totally new process control system built on a platform that uses the latest standard industrial automation technology.” CLASSMASTER™ is built from COTS products in an open client server environment, running on Windows. Other process control products include systems for route control, automatic flat yard switching, and locomotive remote control. Trainyard Tech services older hump yard process control systems running on legacy operating systems and also offers maintenance contracts. The company designs and builds hardware control products, including pneumatic retarder control boxes, air or electric switch junction boxes, hydraulic retarder control systems, and “Smart” hydraulic retarder control cylinders.

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