Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Telvent aids LRT signal priority system in Algeria

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Rockville, Md.-based Telvent said Tuesday it had been awarded a contract with Isolux-Corsan, involving Enterprise Metro d’Alger as the end customer, to implement the company’s Telvent SmartMobility TM Light Rail technology for the new LRT system in Oran, Algeria. The 18-kilometer (11-mile) route, with 32 stations, is scheduled to begin operating by 2011. 

Telvent’s participation will allow Oran authorities to effectively coordinate interaction between city traffic and the LRT network, having the capability to give priority at any time to LRT over private transportation whenever appropriate.

The system to be installed by Telvent is based on selective light rail detection, which will enable the system to determine whenever the light rail is approaching an intersection. Once detected, the system will give priority to LRT over private transportation, thereby ensuring driver safety at the same time.

Telvent CEO Ignacio Gonzalez said the system “will help the city of Oran to effectively coordinate the interaction between city traffic and the light rail system, resulting in a significant improvement to urban mobility and guaranteed passenger safety and security.”

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