Tuesday, January 05, 2010

PTSI sets second Physical Characteristics Conference

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Rutherford, N.J.-based PTSI Transportation has scheduled a second one-day conference on railroad physical characteristics training and testing, Friday, February 19, in Los Angeles. The event follows what PTSI terms a successful session in New York last October, which it says included “participation by officers of seven railroads and rail transit lines, and the Federal Railroad Administration.”

“Railroads and rail transit systems have various ways of qualifying their crews on physical characteristics (route-learning) and, increasingly, there is a need to share this information, not just with railroad employees, but also with first responders of various types, such as EMS, hazmat, Homeland Security, and law enforcement,” says PTSI Managing Director Michael Weinman.

“Rail lines--whether freight or passenger, from Class I torapid transit--must have information in the hands of various categories of their own employees, from train crew members to dispatchers and other supervisory and management personnel.  Many of these are not initially familiar with their own territories, or must occasionally be requalified," Weinman says.

“Beyond the railroad’s own employees, various incidents, accidents, and security concerns, require that authorized non-railroad employees access the right-of-way. These responders must have information that enables them to quickly locate the incident, to avoid placing themselves or others in harm’s way, and to ensure quality communication and coordination with railroad personnel,” says Weinman.

For more information, contact PTSI Transportation at (201)933-5530, or via email at michael.weinman@ptsitransportation.com.

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