Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Miner Enterprises equips new BNSF ore cars

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BNSF Railway has selected Miner Enterprises, Inc. to provide Miner Ore Car Mechanisms for 167 new ore cars FreightCar America is currently constructing.

“Miner Ore Cabnsf.jpgr Mechanisms have performed with great success on BNSF ore cars,” said Miner Vice President of Sales Ric Biehl. “Miner’s customized mechanical longitudinal four-door mechanism was specified for these new cars due to its historic reliability, low maintenance costs, ease of use, and compatibility with the BNSF infrastructure. The four-longitudinal-door design, with two doors on each end of the carbody, applied to these 167 new ore cars will allow greater unloading capacity while providing familiar and intuitive operation. A longitudinal crankshaft allows the four doors to open toward the center for easy, between-rail unloading of iron ore, and provides a maximum opening for faster, trouble-free unloading.”

Additionally Miner will also provide high capacity Crown SE™ draft gears, long-travel constant contactcrown_se.jpg TCC-IV bnsf2.jpgside bearings and Miner Series 2008 brake beams. The Crown SE is described as “a high capacity all-steel draft gear certified under AAR M-901E-82. Its double-wedge design provides greater car protection and lower coupler forces over a wider range of impact speeds than other all-steel gears. Under all operating conditions, run-in and run-out is reduced. Designed for application in a standard 24-5/8-inch pocket, the Crown SE is engineered to provide reliable service in freight cars with minimum wear to the draft gear pocket and attachments.”

tcciv.jpgThe TCC-IV long travel constant contact side bearing “features a more durable, heat-resistant design to maximize the life of side bearings under the most demanding high-speed, high-mileage applications,” Miner said. “Housing vents and insulators provide superior heat dispersion, increasing life. Anti-rotational lugs improve rotational resistance and maximize energy absorption, resulting in higher hunting thresholds. Our patented TecsPak springs provide excellent vertical energy absorption for carbody roll control. TCC-IV side bearings allow railcars to run at higher speeds with reduced truck and wheel wear.”

Recent Miner Series 2008 brake beam improvements have focused on08brakebeam2.jpg the integrity of the strut pinhole and the ease of key insertion. “Over time, a non-bushed strut pinhole elongates, reducing braking efficiency and accelerating brake beam replacement,” Miner noted. “Our Series 2008 bushed brake beams last 10 times longer than non-bushed beams for prolonged service life and better braking performance.”

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