Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Michigan State offers Railway Management Certificate program in new format

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For individuals planning a career change to join the rail industry, just starting at a railway-related organization, or have been in the industry for a while, Michigan State University is offering its Railway Management Certificate Program in a new longer, pay-as-you-go format.

Students can now attend each of the four modules at their own pace over multiple years and pay as they go. The school says that the new format reduces the time away-from-job, spreads the cost, and makes the student’s budget easier to manage.

The Continuing Professional Development four-module program offered by the Broad College of Business features a residential course delivered in intensive one week-long modules, including site visits, to obtain a certificate in railway management. Each module is held at a different location relevant to the railway industry. During each week, critical and topical subjects are covered in a classroom setting with interactive discussions and field trips to aid learning. Field trips include railroad facilities, customers, suppliers, associations, and agencies selected to enhance participants’ learning. Group project work applies learning and develops teamwork skills.

The Program was developed by MSU Railway Management Program staff, evaluated and improved with Class I and Class II railroad education and training directors, as well as decision-makers from the Association of American Railroads, American Short Line Railroad Association, Federal Railroad Administration and other railroad industry leaders. Subject matter experts for the course include distinguished railroad and transportation industry leaders and experienced MSU faculty. An industry advisory board identifies critical issues facing the industry so that the Program addresses those issues, thereby remaining highly relevant.

Registration is open now for the four program modules:

Module 1: Railway Business Administration (RMCP 201)- August 7–11, 2017 – East Lansing, Michigan (MSU Campus)

Module 2: Railway Operations (RMCP 202)- September 25-29, 2017 – Chicago, Illinois

Module 3: Railway Engineering and Technology (RMCP 203)- October 16-20, 2017 – Pueblo, Colorado (Home of TTCI)

Module 4: Railway Regulation, Safety & the Rail Industry (RMCP 204)- November 13-17, 2017 – Washington, DC Area

Students may choose to start with one module, but can continue development and join the Railway Management Certificate Program to gain a certificate over time.

Click on https://railway.broad.msu.edu/education/ for more information.









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