Friday, March 19, 2010

Lauby to replace Cothen at FRA

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robert-c.-lauby-fra.jpgThe Federal Railroad Administration has named Robert Lauby Deputy Associate Administrator for Regulatory and Legislative Operations in the Office of Safety, effective March 28, 2010. Lauby, who has more than 30 years ofexperience in railroad safety and regulatory affairs, will replace Deputy Associate Administrator For Safety Standards and Program Development Grady Cothen, who is retiring. Lauby’s title will be different from Cothen’s “to better reflect the responsibilities he is charged with,” FRA spokesman Warren Flatau explained.

Lauby has managed national and international-level programs for the National Transportation Safety Board and the FRA. His past experience also includes designing and testing brake systems for Amtrak and high speed rail systems, and developing and managing the NTSB’s National Railroad and Rail Transit Safety Program. Lauby has extensiveexperience participating with government and industry groups as a member of the RSAC (Railroad Safety Advisory Committee) since its inception, and as a member of the American Public Transportation Association Passenger Rail Equipment Safety Standards Committee. 

The FRA describes Lauby as the agency’s “leading expert on Positive Train Control deployment” and “instrumental in carrying out numerous initiatives related to the Rail Safety Improvement Act, including ECP (electronically controlled pneumatic) brakes.” As co-chair of the RSAC General Passenger Safety task force, he oversaw development of system safety programs, and passenger cardoor control regulations.
Lauby was “a key player in developing FRA’s High-Speed Passenger Rail Safety Strategy, a critical element of FRA’s High-Speed Intercity Passenger Rail Program under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and Passenger RailInvestment and Improvement Act.”  He also represents FRA on the RSAC Engineering task force, which was established to consider the use of alternate crashworthiness standards for passenger railcars used in high speed service.

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