Monday, July 06, 2009

June carloads down 19.7%, intermodal off 18.2%

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U.S. railroads moved 255,668 fewer carloads of freight in June than they did in June 2008. Total volume of 1,059,889 carloads was down 19.7%. Intermodal traffic in June was off 18.2% to 755,000 units--meaning that railroads hauled 168,031 fewer containers and trailers than in June last year.

The Association American Railroads reported that for the first six months of 2009, U. S. carloads were down 19.5 % (1,594,411 loads) to 6,579,2944. Intermodal traffic dropped 17.0% (950,147 units) to 4,647,068.

Of the 19 major commodity categories tracked by the AAR, 18saw carload declines in June. The catch-all “all other” category was up slightly.

June's biggest carload declines were: coal, down 7.9%; motor vehicles and equipment (down 50.5%); metals and metal products, down 59.8%; and crushed stone and gravel, down 25.2%.

For the second quarter of 2009, total U.S. rail carloadings were down 22.4% (958,324 carloads).

Canadian rail carload traffic in June was down 25.7 % to 232,156 carloads. Canadian intermodal traffic was down 19.2% in June to 156,441 trailers and containers.

For the second quarter of 2009, Canadian rail carloadings were down 27.9%; Canadian intermodal traffic for the quarter was down 18.5%.

For the first six months of 2009, Canadian rail carloadings were down 24.1% and intermodal traffic was off 15.5%. 

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