Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Employment down 5.18% in March; train crews hit hard

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Among all railroad employees, the crews that operate trains have taken the hardest hit since traffic began to plummet. Statistics released Wednesday by the Surface Transportation Board showed a 12.01% decline in transportation (train and engine) employment in March, to 59,901, compared with March 2008. Total employment was down 5.18% to 154,960 in March 2009.


Maintenance of way and structures employment rose 0.35% in March to 34,675. Transportation (other than train and engine) was up 7.07% to 7,106. All other categories declined: executives, officials, and staff assistants, 10,013, down 0.81%; professional and administrative, 13,520, down 1.32%; and maintenance of equipment and stores, 29,745, down 1.95%.