Thursday, July 09, 2009

CP orders fuel savers for 200 GE locomotives

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GE Transportation announced Thursday that it will equip 200 Canadian Pacific locomotives with its Trip Optimizer fuel management system. The order follows revenue-service tests, involving intermodal trains of various length, that showed fuel savings ranging from 6% to 10%, depending on territory.


ge-to-operator.jpg "After years of research and considerable investment, we're proud to work with CP to launch this groundbreaking product," said Pierre Comte, president of GE Transportation Intelligent Control systems.

Trip Optimizer, a product of EcoimginationSM, is described as "an advanced energy management system that optimizes fuel consumption based on a specific train's makeup and the route being traveled. Trip Optimizer uses GPS, a digital track database, and advanced track algorithms that automatically learn the train's characteristics throughout the trip to achieve the fuel savings. The system evaluates train length, weight, grade, track conditions, weather, and locomotive performance to calculate the most efficient way of running the train while maintaining smooth train handling. It calculates a fuel-optimal speed profile for the trip and then automatically controls the throttle to maintain that planned speed."

GE Transportation compares Trip Optimizer to the autopilot feature of jetliners, noting that "train crews retain responsibility for safe operation of the train and can engage or disengage the system at any time." GE Transportation tested Trip Optimizer on 19 CP-owned GE Evolution® Series locomotives in three subdivisions with significantly different geographical characteristics.

Trip Optimizer can be deployed on Evolution Series locomotives as a turnkey system, and can be combined with GE LOCOTROL® Distributed Power for additional savings, GE said. Versions of the system for other types of locomotives will be available in 2010.

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