Wednesday, May 01, 2013

CP contributes $100,000 to school breakfast program for Toronto children

Written by  William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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Canadian Pacific has provided financial support to a Toronto-area program that provides a nourishing breakfast for small children every school morning, enabling it to expand its services to reach more children.
Canadian Pacific has contributed $100,000 to the Breakfast Club of Canada (BCC), a non-profit charitable organization that provides support, leadership, food supplies, equipment, training, and financial assistance for in-school breakfast clubs for children of all ages in the Toronto area. Half of CP’s contribution is earmarked for the opening of 16 new clubs, benefitting about 3,200 children. The remaining $50,000 will support BCC’s existing 66 clubs in Toronto schools that already reach 18,167 children every morning.

“We are excited Canadian Pacific has joined us in advancing the Breakfast Club of Canada mission throughout the Greater Toronto Area,” said Daniel Germain, Founding President of the Breakfast Club of Canada. “As a community we need to show our children that the way to success in life, is through having success in school. Starting their day in a safe, inclusive environment with a nourishing meal is an important part of that success equation. We thank CP for its support.”

“Canadian Pacific values the important role of the Breakfast Club of Canada in providing so many young children a nourishing start to the day,” said CP Chief Executive Officer E. Hunter Harrison. “Our railway is pleased to be supporting the BCC and the work it’s doing in improving the quality of children’s lives through their in-school nutritional programming.”

Germain added that organizations like Canadian Pacific make BCC “a leader in the solution to Canada’s growing levels of food insecurity in youth, the widening of the nutritional food gap, and ever increasing student productivity and success challenges.”