Monday, June 29, 2009

Class I employment continues to slide

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U.S. Class I employment in May dropped to 151,536, down 1.77% from the previous month and down 8.33% from May 2008.

Operating crews, the biggest single category, again took the hardest hit. Transportation (train and engine) employment sank to 56,370,down 4.14% from April and 17.99% from May 2008.

The second biggest employment group, maintenance of way and structures, was up 0.18% from April to 35,442, but down 0.69% from May 2008.

Maintenance of equipment and stores employment, at 29,303, was off 1.05% from April and 3.75% below May 2008.

Professional and administrative employment was 13,411 in May, down 0.16% from April and 2.12% below May 2008.

The smallest group, transportation (other than train andengine), had 6,929 workers in May, off 0.9% from April but up 4.13% from May 2008.

The only category showing improvement from over both April 2009 and May 2008 were executives, officials, and staff assistants, which at 10,081 was up 0.40% from April and 0.11% from May last year. 

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