Monday, November 30, 2009

Canadian Pacific tests biodiesel fuel under wintry conditions

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Canadian Pacific is working with Natural Resources Canada in what is described as "an industry-leading biodiesel fuel pilot project," part of the National Renewable Diesel Demonstration Initiative. The test marks the first use biodiesel fuel in Canadian cold-weather rail service. The fuel is made from vegetable oils and animal fat.


"As part of a five-month test cycle, CP will operate four GE AC4400 diesel locomotives with FDL-16 engines in captive service between Calgary and Edmonton," said the railroad.

General Electric and Calgary-based fuel supplier 4Refuels are cooperating with CP during this testing phase, which began in early November and will run through the end of March.

"Canadian Pacific will undertake routine detailed mechanical examinations of the locomotives in the pilot project. The information gathered will be used to determine if a biodiesel mixture of 5% (B5) has any significant adverse effects on a locomotive or its associated systems in cold-climate operation. Impact to reliability, potential changes to the overhaul ormaintenance work scope, and reviews of specific components on the locomotives will also be monitored," CP said.

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