Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Alstom-led consortium lands Chilean LRT project

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Las Condes, Chile, a suburb of the nation’s capital, Santiago, has awarded Alstom-Comsa a development contract worth $1 million to develop a light rail system plan, with results to be presented next April.

Should ridership demand and other factors justify the project, as expected, technical evaluations, construction, operations, and maintenance will be overseen by the international consortium, comprised of Paris-based Alstom SA and Barcelona, Spain-based Grupo Comsa. 


Las Condes is the first city to take advantage of Chile's new Law of Urban Shared Finance (FUC), designed to encourage private-sector investors to enter public-private partnerships, including design-build-operate-maintain (DBOM) projects, to advance public infrastructure needs.


The Las Condes project is envisioned to serve between 10 and 14 stations. Bids for the project are projected to begin next September, with construction tentatively scheduled for 2011.

In April 2008, Alstom and Comsa, along with two other Spanish companies, Acciona and Necso, were chosen by Barcelona’s Autoritat del Transport Metropolita Spa (ATM), the regional transportation authority, to advance that city’s 10.4-mile LRT project. 

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