Monday, March 31, 2014

PTSI Transportation launching The Route Learning System™

Written by  william C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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Mike Weinman, PTSI Transportation Managing Director Mike Weinman, PTSI Transportation Managing Director
PTSI Transportation, a railway management consultancy firm with 42 years’ experience in operations training, and customer and onboard service, is developing The Route Learning System™, its new digital training, testing, and management system tool for railroad and rail transit physical characteristics.

Matthew Husar, retired Superintendent of Metra’s Rock Island District, will lead development and marketing of The Route Learning System™. Husar, based in the Chicago area, has more than 35 years of railroad operating and management experience, having headed of Metra’s Consolidated Control Facility He is also a former National Transportation Safety Board Railroad Accident Investigator.

The Route Learning System™ is a computer-based tool for teaching the physical characteristics of a railway line to train and engine crews and supporting operating management, and first responders and security personnel who need to be familiar with railroad property. It combines a fully annotated (voiceover and graphics) video from the train operator’s perspective, with a scrolling “you are here” track and physical characteristics chart. Each type of characteristic is displayed in a distinct color (track and distance, signals, civil structures and waterways, authorized speeds, electrification where used, etc.). It is designed for training center applications, command center operations, home-study, and in-cab display. It may be web-based, or used on a desktop, tablet, or other personal device.

The Route Learning System™ is complemented by a sister product, The Signal Learning System™, for teaching the basics of railway signaling to new-hire operating employees.

PTSI Transportation is headquartered in Rutherford N.J. Michael R. Weinman is Managing Director.

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