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NYCT FASTRACKing no. 1 Line

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MTA New York City Transit Senior Vice President for the Department of Subways Wynton Habersham MTA New York City Transit Senior Vice President for the Department of Subways Wynton Habersham Courtesy NY Daily News
Beginning Monday, June 19, extensive maintenance, cleaning and repair work will be performed along a portion of MTA New York City Transit’s no. 1 Line, as the FASTRACK program returns to Upper Manhattan for two weeks.

FASTRACK work will be performed for four consecutive weeknights, from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. on June 19-23 and again on June 26-30. Subway service will be suspended between 96 St. and Dyckman St.; free shuttle buses will provide alternate service.

“During this seven-hour period, an army of maintenance workers will take advantage of train-free access to the tracks to perform dozens of tasks that are vital to providing safe and reliable train service,” NYCT said. “These tasks include the repair and replacement of track, third rail, electrical and signal components, debris removal from tracks and under or around the third rail, and the repair of tunnel infrastructure. Improvements to station aesthetics include painting, platform work, and repairs to signage, lighting fixtures and ADA components.”

“FASTRACK has proven to be a significant driver for decreasing delays,” explained Wynton Habersham, Senior Vice President for the Department of Subways. “It is effective because it allows us to consolidate maintenance forces in a concentrated area and perform proactive maintenance. Both combine to improve service delivery.”

During NYCT’s previous FASTRACK in March 2016, along the 5.2-mile segment between 96 St. and Dyckman St. on Broadway in Upper Manhattan, repair and maintenance crews completed several track, infrastructure and station repairs. Track workers removed 163,548 pounds of scrap debris, replaced 56 rail sections, 1,297 tie plates, 988 friction pads, and 18 tie blocks. Infrastructure crews grouted 319 leaks, repaired 157 feet of bench wall, tested and inspected 260 feet of concrete, installed 14 new doors, cleaned 1,420 feet of drains, serviced 12 muck drains, poured 22 feet of concrete, repaired 1,470 feet of “no clearance” signs and replaced 615 tunnel light bulbs.

At stations, workers installed 56 feet of drain line, serviced one station booth, installed three “do not enter” signs, scraped and primed 16,060 and 8,580 square feet of station surfaces, and painted 38,190 square feet of station surfaces including 9,100 feet of rubbing board, 10 stairway railings, 16 FDNY standpipes, 22 columns and 6 doors. They also replaced 398 station light bulbs, five lighting ballasts and 32 ADA tiles, and washed 374 light fixtures. Repairs were made to 81 ADA tiles, 250 feet of water line, 1,143 feet of rubbing board, and 4 stairway stringers. Signal crews serviced 36 signals, tested 18 cut sections, serviced eight switches, tested 54 signals, and performed 21 annual inspections and six monthly inspections. Electronic maintenance was performed on 22 CCTV cameras and 19 monitors.

“This represents only a portion of the work that is completed during a typical FASTRACK,” NYCT said. “The next FASTRACK overnight closure will be on lines in Midtown Manhattan and the Bronx for two consecutive weeks from July 10-14 and July 17-21.

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