Friday, June 28, 2013

LACMTA turns to Protran for pedestrian/trespasser warning systems

Written by  William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority has engaged Protran Technology for pedestrian and trespassing detection/warning systems on its surface-running light rail network.
Protran is adding to its Protracker Advance Warning technology, originally deployed five years ago to protect track workers and hi-rail vehicles by alerting them and light rail vehicle operators to each others’ presence on the right-of-way, and to enforce civil speed restrictions.

LACMTA is now taking delivery on Protran’s Pedestrian Warning System and Trespass Detection System. These systems communicate with the existing LRV-mounted Advance Warning Protracker equipment. They are expected to be delivered within the next two months.

“Our Pedestrian and Trespass systems give an advance warning to pedestrians that a train is approaching while simultaneously warning the train operator that trespassers are on the right-of way,” said Protran Technology Director Peter M. Bartek. “Working with agencies like LACMTA, which is at the forefront of safety technology and is regarded as one of the top agencies when it comes to safety, including that of its track workers, has been excellent. We are grateful to be part of such a great team.”

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