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Spending could top pre-recession levels, though operating deficits linger. Rail transit operators in the United States—regional/commuter, heavy rail (metro), and light rail—are expected this year to invest in capital improvements at a level approaching the $12.67 billion they spent in 20 ...

Subway or surface rail? Core city growth or regional approach? Political posturing aside, Canada's largest city is counting on passenger rail for its future health and growth.

If there is one thing I've learned in my 23 years in the railway supply industry, it's that we are an optimistic bunch. Deal us a series of hardships and we can always look ahead to better times because those better times have always come.

30 November 2011


With all due respect to Denzel Washington and Chris Pine, the railroad stocks may be the things that are unstoppable and not just the exaggerated Hollywood freight train story.

Strong earnings spur railroads to build capacity and productivity. If one word could define the thrust of railroad capital spending on improvements, it would be "growth"—growth in capacity, growth in productivity, growth in service levels, and, not least, growth in customer satisfaction.

Transportation in 2011 will be a casualty in the war between Republicans and Democrats. Transportation projects are expensive and Congress in the past has committed huge sums to highway construction and maintenance, inland waterway development, and airport projects. 

Railroads have long acknowledged the benefits offered by rail lubrication. But companies in the friction modifier market are continuing to make advances to help their railroad customers.

Buoyed by recent state-supported extensions of Amtrak service that have proven popular, state rail advocates are clamoring for Amtrak service to be extended to Virginia’s southwestern reaches, including Roanoke, Va., last served by Amtrak’s Hilltopper in 1979.

Pittsburgh, Kan.-based Watco Transportation Services, LLC has announced it is acquiring what it calls “controlling ownership” of Milwaukee-based Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Co. (WSOR). Watco’s acquisition adds Wisconsin’s second-largest railroad to it stable of short line and region ...
Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co., Inc. (BR&L) on Tuesday said it had named Brent F. Boggs director of Relay Operations. Boggs will lead business development within the relay rail and OTM markets with an emphasis on expanding procurement and distribution throughout North America. ...
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