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Amtrak runs North America’s only existing high speed rail corridor between Boston and Washington, D.C. Maintaining the more than 450 miles along the Northeast Corridor presents its share of challenges in the form of time coordination, machine productivity, and long-lasting, quality maintenance.

30 April 2011


National Railway Equipment Company’s new, six-axle 2GS-37C DE N-ViroMotive utilizes existing SD40-2 main frames, rebuilt trucks with D87B traction motors (70:17 gear ratio), and twin gensets equipped with 1,850-hp Cummins QSK50 ULEL certified diesel engines.

Pricing concessions vs. pricing freedom: A battle is won, but the threat lingers.

TTCI seeks a remedy for uneven flange profiles.

Senior Consulting Editor Luther Miller aptly describes a sometimes-adversarial relationship that is at least partially fueled by the success of our freight railroads, which are without a doubt the best in the world. The testy relationship involves the railroads and a small but vocal group of cust ...
Recently I fielded a call from the president of a regional railroad who is an old friend. He had some boxcars on his railroad that he was leasing from one of the major operating lessors. The cars were up for renewal and when he received the lessor’s rental quote, he went into sticker shock. He ...

Prudent and persistent capital investment has positioned Union Pacific for a robust recovery. For a railroad the size of Union Pacific, planning and spending multibillion-dollar capital budgets is an exercise in prudence, precision, and vision.

Although the Railroad Safety Improvement Act of 2008 was written primarily for the Class I's, many of the short line and regional railroads that touch roughly one out of every five carloads the Class I's handle will have to deal with this mostly unfunded mandate. 

Vancouver's TransLink incentive to expand, and market, rail and transit options. The momentum is likely to continue. TransLink, part of British Columbia Rapid Transit Co., by almost all accounts performed admirably during the 2010 Winter Olympics, held Feb. 12-28 in Vancouver, British Columb ...
Railroads have made powerful strides in efficiency with the diesel-electric, and more are on the way. Here’s what the experts see. Of all the technological advances that have occurred in the railroad industry in the past half-century or so, maintenance-of-way mechanization is the one most clos ...
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