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Ontario regional transport agency Metrolinx on Friday said it has entered into a C$53 million contract with Sumitomo Corp. of America to supply 12 diesel multiple-units (DMU) trains for the Air Rail Link (ARL) between Toronto’s Union Station and Lester B. Pearson International Airport. Sumitomo ...

New Westminster, B.C.-based Southern Railway of British Columbia (SRY) maintains the track, and was to begin seasonal service using thebridge next week, under its subsidiary Southern Railway of Vancouver Island. Thetrack is owned by the not-for-profit Island Corridor Foundation, a partnership includingFirst Nations representatives and local governments on Vancouver Island. <br><br>

Victoria voters last November approved a referendum to borrow C$49.2 million to replace the bridge, which was deemed by city engineers to be too costly to repair and bring up to seismic standards. But city councilors subsequently decided against including a rail crossing as part of project, projected to cost C$77 million in total, because Victoria was unable to secure financial assistance from other public or private-sector partners. --> Officials in Victoria, British Columbia, on Friday closed the city’s Johnson Street bridge to rail traffic after an inspection discovered corrosion of key structural supports. Pedestrian and bicycle use of the bridge remains unaffected. Engineers with Stantech Consulting Ltd. found ...
While signaling and communications is most often associated with safety (and rightly so), its role goes far deeper. “Wayside signals have been a familiar feature of railroads ever since the industry’s beginnings,” according to the Encyclopedia of North American Railroads. “In essence, sig ...

Reading & Northern: Ready and able

For Texas short line, “Customer is king”. In 12 years, an upstart short line powerhouse has increased freight traffic 20-fold. In Texas, “think big” is a maxim, even for the smaller things such as short line railroads. Blacklands Railroad, Railway Age’s 2011 Short Line Railroad ...

Short line operators proposing new moves or trying to renegotiate rate divisions on old moves can be at a competitive disadvantage with their Class I counterparts.

Streetcars are returning, possibly to a neighborhood near(er) you, though in both the U.S. and Canada political headwinds may slow their arrival.

It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to turn this month’s column over to Norfolk Southern Chief Executive Wick Moorman, Railway Age’s 2011 Railroader of the Year.

The RRIF program was conceived to support more direct, local rail service. But such service may be in retreat.

The California High-Speed Rail Authority voted unanimously Wednesday to apply for the $2.38 billion in high speed rail funding that Florida Gov. Rick Scott rejected. The money would permit the extension of extenda starter Central Valley segment of a planned 800-mile system.

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