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There are a few occasions when one is fully aware of who the baddest dude in the room is. Such was the case during the Railway Interchange 2015 keynote address by retired Navy SEAL Robert O'Neill.

The appropriately named Atlas line of knuckles, couplers and yokes from Strato, Inc., showcased at Railway Interchange 2015 (Booth 3709, RSI), are produced with “an optimum manufacturing process that ensures consistent dimensions for proper ...

Stanley revealed its latest in horizontal grinders with the HGL80 and HLG81 at Railway Interchange 2015 this weekend.

Zetica Rail and Balfour Beatty Rail call the Railway Asset Scanning Car Pod (RASC Pod) a new concept for trackbed inspection combining most elements of dedicated track recording cars on a flexible platform.

An APU (auxiliary power unit) idle reduction system that requires a smaller installation footprint, and electric coolant/lube heating systems that feature a more-user-friendly, simplified design are among the technologies showcased by HOTSTART at Railway Interchange 2015 (Booth 3131, RSI).

Just two days prior to the opening ceremony of Railway Interchange 2015, Trimble released Juno T41 R-AEI, a rugged, handheld computer with an integrated ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID capability designed to read both the rail-industry specific automatic equipment identification (AEI) tags and th ...

Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc., introduced the industry to the next entrant in its ballast maintenance product line with the launch of the Shoulder Ballast Cleaner 2400 at Railway Interchange's outdoor exhibit.

From the team that brought the “world’s first commercially available locomotive auxiliary power unit (APU)—and supplied tens of thousands of APUs to the transportation industry—3-APE and IMPCO Technologies presented its newest innovation, The Banana, at Railway Interchange 2015.

Southampton, N.J.-based RCC Fabricators, Inc., manufacturer of the original rail tie inserting equipment, the RCC Tie Master™, has introduced the RCC Tie Master-XL™ with electrohydraulic system at Railway Interchange 2015, which is expected to increase production by up to 15%.

Atlas Copco Compressors is currently exhibiting at Railway Interchange 2015, where attendees from the railway industry can learn more about the company’s capability to produce GAR railway compressors in the U.S for select projects.

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