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At an increasingly rapid rate, the surge in crude by rail during the past few years has spawned significant litigation risk for a broadening group of “target defendants.” That’s why it’s important for all entities involved in CBR to be proactive about mitigating such risk.
For freight car truck components, total cost of ownership is far more important than initial cost.
LNG is one of several advanced technologies changing motive power in significant ways.
The fourth-largest U.S. regional railroad network, entering its fourth decade of existence, sees growth and opportunity—if dedicated funding can be found.
10 September 2014

Passing the acid test

At a time when affordable tank car safety upgrades are a high-visibility issue, the supply industry is busy tackling the problem. Here’s a case study.
Transportation Technology Center, Inc. joint ventures with Amsted Rail and Texas A&M are exploring the effects of accumulated mileage, high temperatures, and fatigue cracks on vertical split rims.
Fall is the season of the harvest. This is true for the farmers working their wheat, corn, and soybeans, but also true for many railcar owners. As important as bushel prices are to the farmer, determining what will be shipped to market or moved to storage, the fall brings a harvest mindset to t ...

Tacoma, Wash.'s City Council, in its latest move to advance plans to extend the Tacoma Link streetcar line an additional 2.4 miles, approved an additional station site and the study to relocate a second station at its meeting Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014.

CN on Sept. 9, 2014 officially opened its new employee training center in Winnipeg. The 100,000-square-foot facility is currently hosting 350-plus CN students from across Canada on a weekly basis, with hands-on training for all key railway jobs.
The Teamsters Canada Rail Conference-Rail Canada Traffic Controllers (TCRC-RCTC) has ratified a labor agreement with Canadian Pacific Railway covering approximately 135 rail traffic controllers in Canada. The agreement was ratified with a record 94% of votes cast in favor.
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